bio revolution


Bio revolution

 "Sacred Nature"


Inspired by nature from the very beginning. The whole series is characterized by distinctive almond aroma with a soft cedar wood scent and vanilla. Refreshing citrus leaves an unforgettable sensory experience.
Comfort zone cares about environment and has environment-friendly wrappings. Sacred nature series is even more solicitous...



Face Treatment

Bio Rejuvenating Complexion Treatment with DNA Protection

45 minutes


Special treatment for your face that gives you nutrients and renew the tissue which secures the ideal protection against aging.

Ritual Sacred Nature

Your Moment of Pure Beauty and Peace

100 minutes


Special ritual, which was designed for relaxation and releasing, permits deep oxygenation, renews the energy as well as nourishes the complexion. Protect your skin against the undesirable effects of external factors and give it an intense nourishment. Its formula made of 99 % of natural ingredients is what makes it so unique. It also has an antioxidant effect thanks to Buriti oil which protects your skin against damage and therefore slows down the process of aging. Extracts from butterfly-bush (Buddlejadavidii) protects DNA and prevents cell death.