A massage is a reward for your body. Enjoy a treatment that relaxes your muscles, relieves pain and helps you get harmful substances out of your body. Relax for a while under the skilled hands of our certified masseurs and masseuses. We will prepare a pleasant and soothing environment for you and a range of relaxation treatments that will make you feel brand new.

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Classic and relaxing

Classic and relaxing massage

When things get stiff, it's time to get a massage. Massage releases muscle tension, improves muscle metabolism and stimulates blood circulation. A correctly performed massage soothes the body and accelerates cell regeneration. To ensure the treatment is a pleasant experience, we use purely natural aromatherapy oils. Choose a full body massage, a back and neck massage or just limb massage.


  • – A massage refreshes your body.
  • – It helps relieve feelings of anxiety, tension and depression.
  • – Muscle stiffness disappears.
  • – Improves blood and lymphatic circulation.
Hot stone

Hot stone massage

This massage technique is rock solid. Special volcanic stones accumulate warmth that goes into every part of your body. It can wonderfully relax your tense muscles, flush out harmful substances, help with the function of your liver and kidneys, but most importantly keep you energised. And as a bonus, you will have smoother skin.


  • – Hot stones stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation.
  • – Helps detoxify the body.
  • – Relaxation that relieves stress and pain.
foot massage

Reflexology foot massage

An East Asian technique based on the idea that your entire body is reflected in the soles of your feet. Working on reflex zones will not only significantly ease tension in your feet, but reflectively also increase blood supply to your internal organs. This massage helps with both acute and chronic problems.


  • – Relieves headaches and back and joint pains.
  • – Helps detoxify the body and mitigate digestive problems.
  • – Fights fatigue syndrome and helps with post-injury treatment.

Honey massage

Honey massage is one of the most pleasant procedures. It is an effective detoxification method that helps mitigate stress, tension, unhealthy lifestyles, fatigue and exhaustion. Thanks to the healing properties of honey, it very effectively cleanses the body of harmful substances and toxins. The hands of the masseuse help the heated honey reach deep into the tissues of the body, where it is able to extract all toxic substances.

After honey massage your skin will be very soft to the touch, hydrated and pleasantly scented. Peeling is first performed, followed by the actual honey massage. 


  • Helps with:
  • - rheumatic muscle and joint disorders,
  • - arthrosis,
  • - chronic fatigue syndrome,
  • - headaches,
  • - difficulty falling asleep and insomnia,
  • - liver diseases,
  • - depression,
  • - cleansing cures.

Manual lymph massage

The lymphatic system plays a major role in the body’s immune system. Lymphatic massage or lymphatic drainage is therapy that utilises gentle pressure on the skin to help the flow of lymph in the lymph vessels. The lymph transmits and subsequently filters harmful substances, thereby alleviating fatigue. It also has a significant effect on the prevention and treatment of lymphoedema and swelling and likewise helps relieve the feeling of heavy legs and positively affects problematic areas affected by cellulite.


  • – Helps blood circulation and the overall regeneration of the body.
  • – Relives fatigue.
  • – Prevention against infection and other diseases.
  • – Improves immunity.